Photographer/ Writer Who better not quit his day job

It turns out there's an accomplished photographer out there named Jeffrey Chapman. That's not me, but it explains the new-found emphasis on the "R" from my middle name. So, welcome to the site of the second-best photographer named Jeffrey Chapman on the web!

To date, my images have been shown at the Artists Association of Nantucket Gallery, the Schiffman Butterfield Gallery @ Arcstages, and the Art Gallery at the Rockefeller State Park Preserve (last two in Westchester County, NY).

Most days, however, I run Chapman Brand LLC, a boutique brand strategy and communications consulting firm. So, yes, I've encouraged a lot of people to start using Brand X instead of Brand Y. And thereby made the world a better place. But that career has also let me work with creative people and travel the world with my camera. 

The result? Many of the images here. I think people are fascinating, but I'm generally too shy to ask them for a picture and too polite to take it surreptitiously (unless they're unrecognizable or quite small in the frame). Most of my work centers on the beauty of the natural environment, or the ways people have built beauty into those environments, sometimes despite themselves.

My family moved to Maui when I was 15. That's when my Dad gave me a used Olympus OM-1 SLR and a few lenses in a hard case with foam cut-outs. Suddenly I looked like I was carrying the nuclear launch codes, I could take good pictures, and I lived in paradise!

That beloved camera was stolen from my first apartment after college graduation, and replaced by an OM-4 with a faulty electrical system that, still to this day, fuels nightmares of losing the perfect shot to a jammed shutter. Photography faded from my life, for a spell.

My wife got me started again in 2007 with my first digital camera, a Sony point and shoot. A few of the pictures here date back to that humble but literally eye-opening device. Soon I graduated to a Canon T1-i. A few years later I bought a used 5D Mark II, and more recently the pristine 6D Mark II that I usually shoot with now. I like the combination of full-frame sensor and relatively light weight.

Along the way, I've written two speculative fiction novels. In addition to a selection of photo prints, the books are available in paperback from the "Buy" section of this site, or as an e-book (or paperback) from Amazon. Click on "Writing" to learn more. 

I hope you enjoy the photos and/ or books.