Is the future aLmost here?

Adam Wilson likes to play Games. And why not? The kind he plays feel more real, and certainly more interesting, than his everyday life. Real-world employment is largely a thing of the past and his physical needs are paid from the proceeds of the Legacy Grant that every American is born into. 
Adam has no complaints until he meets a mysterious woman named Catharine, and his cozy little world starts to fall apart. A malevolent force has entered the Game, certain ingredients suddenly go missing from his lasagna, and he can’t seem to reach his brother or sister. Then the computer that runs it all starts calling itself “Petrus”…

Cold-Snap explores where our obsession with virtual reality is headed, and what happens when that obsession intersects with true artificial intelligence. Snap-Back picks up where Cold-Snap leaves off.

My background? In college, I wrote, illustrated, art-directed, and served as an issue editor for the Harvard Lampoon (while studying forest ecology). My fiction writing mostly ran silent and deep while I got an MBA from Kellogg and then spent 27+ years in the advertising industry. Though, during that time, I did write a half-dozen dark-thriller screenplays before realizing that scripts are supposed to be movies, and there's a lot of money required to get from here to there. Novels in the age of Amazon, on the other hand...

There are actually three more titles in the Cold-Snap series, but the story was done in two, so that's that -barring some unexpected financial incentive. Both books are fast, thought-provoking reads. (Who says there's no upside to spending three decades writing action-oriented, bulletized PowerPoint presentations?)

I recently started my third book, based on an entirely new premise. But don't hold your breath; this could take awhile.

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